Illumina NextSeq

The MC core has an Illumina NextSeq available. It is optimized for RNA-seq, small RNA-seq, Chip-seq and exome sequencing. The NextSeq generates 400 million single end reads up to 300bp or 800 million paired end reads. Multiple samples can be pooled onto one flowcell depending on the application and required read depth. Sequencing data is shared and manipulated in BaseSpace.


Samples can be submitted in various stages of preparation depending on the users preference. The core accepts completed pools, cDNA libraries, and total RNA or DNA samples. The library prep is performed by core personnel using appropriate reagent kits depending on the sample type, concentration and application. Additional services include total RNA and library analysis using the Agilent Bioanalyzer, as well as library quantification using qPCR on the Quant Studio 6 or on a Qubit 2.0 fluorometer.


Please contact the core personnel for more information and pricing, at