The core facility provides next-gen sequencing, microarray, and quantitative PCR services, training and support. Consultation is available to all researchers at the Institute as well as external institutions and collaborators.

Systems biology approaches entail simultaneous measurements under numerous different biological conditions and time points. The core houses various instruments to enable this high-throughput research. In addition to a NextSeq for for varying sequencing needs, the facility supports Agilent and Exiqon microarrays for RNA and miRNA measurements. Single cell analysis can also be performed by the Chromium 10x in conjunction with the NextSeq.

Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by the Molecular and Cell Core Facility in your research papers and publications: “This research was supported by the Gene Expression Core Facility of the Institute for Systems Biology.”


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or call (206)732-1451 / -1347.

Internal Users

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