Agilent Platform

Agilent arrays are fabricated using in situ oligonucleotide probe synthesis, termed SurePrint technology. The 60-mer probes are printed onto pre-treated glass slides. No physical masks or printing plates allows for flexible content – in principle each array can have a different design, allowing for relatively inexpensive custom built arrays. Multiple arrays, up to 8, can be on one slide. The 8 arrays per slide have 60,000 probes, some genes are represented by several 60-mer probes. Agilent mRNA expression array experiments can either be prepared for one-color (Cy3) or two color (Cy3 and Cy5) analysis. The slides are scanned with the Agilent DNA microarray scanner. The Agilent Feature Extraction software is used for spot identification and intensity measurements.


Sample Preparation for Agilent mRNA expression arrays

Labeling Kit Total RNA requirements diluted in RNase free water
Low Input Quick Amp Labeling Kit 10 – 200ng
Ovation PicoSL WTA System 500pg – 50ng


Please contact the MC core for instructions on sample submission and scheduling. Users can submit total RNA or already labeled samples, as well as ready to scan arrays.  Samples are submitted in batches of 8 for the 8x60k expression arrays.


Please contact the core personnel for more information and pricing at