Sample Quality Control

All RNA samples submitted for subsequent microarray analysis need to undergo quality control checks. Samples are run on the Agilent bioanalyzer to test for RNA integrity. The RNA concentration and the 260/280 ratio is measured on the Nanodrop Spectrophotometer. RNA samples to be submitted for microarrays need to be diluted in water. Salts and buffers have shown to have an inadvertent effect on the labeling protocols as well as the quality of the bioanalyzer specs. Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA concentration requirements:

  • Nano Chip: 25-500 ng/ul (12 samples per chip)
  • Pico Chip: 50-5000 pg/ul (11 samples per chip)


Available Platforms

The core offers full service on the following platforms: Agilent and Exiqon.


For information on running arrays and pricing please contact the core at