Targeted Proteomics

Agilent 6460 / Agilent 6490 iFunnel

Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole Both Applied Biosystems QTrap triple quadrupoles are hybrid instruments which work as a typical QQQ, but can also be operated with trap-like functionality. This allows one to conduct SRM and MS3 analyses or to enrich (by trapping) to increase the probability of detecting low abundance ions. The 4000 uses a linear configuration while the 5500 uses a 180? arrangement for better protection from neutral transmission.




Agilent 6490

The newest, Agilent triple quadrupoles at ISB are two 6490’s. These can be used with the HPLC-chip system or with the Jet Stream ESI source for UHPLC applications. These instruments use Agilent’s iFunnel technology, feature a 90? mass-filter geometry, and incorporate a hexabore capillary at the vacuum interface for increased ion sampling. Like the 6460, the 6490’s are high throughput instruments capable of determining 400 transitions per method.