Single Cell

The ISB Single Cell Facility provides services to all researchers to the institute as well as external institutes and collaborators interested in single cell analysis. The Single Cell Facility has the means to sort and isolate single cells, and generate single cell products to use for gene expression analysis or next-generation sequencing. The facility houses the Chromium 10x, the Fluidigm Biomark, and the nanostring nCounter system. The Chromium 10x uses drop seq technology to sequence single cells. The Fluidigm Biomark produces high-throughput gene expression data. The nanostring nCounter system is capable of generating sensitive single cell transcript counts with minimal amplification based on, up to, 800 genes.

Why we need single-cell analysis: There is no “average” cell even within a population of cells of the very same cell type.

–Dr. Sui Huang, Professor, ISB


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