Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting & Cell Purification

The cell sorting facility provides ISB scientists and affiliated institutions access to state-of-the-art cell sorters, analyzers, and workstations.  We provide training and technical support as well as assistance with experimental design.  In addition, we assist users with basic data analysis and interpretation.

The cytometry core instrumentation includes: a BD FACSAriaII with 4 laser and 15 parameter acqusition and sorting; BD FACSCalibur 2 laser, 6 parameter flow cytometer; Cytopeia InFlux cell sorter; LEAP automated live cell analysis and processing system for in-situ laser-based cell purification; and AutoMACS magnetic bead based cell purification; and MAGPIX by Luminex 50 target automated imaging cytometer.

Rates: non-profit and academic external users

BD FACS Aria II Cell Sorter: $120/hr

BD InFlux Cell Sorter: $45/hr

BD FACS Calibur Analyzing Cytometer: $40/hr

Cytometry is a critical tool used throughout research in the life sciences. In many ways, it’s the hub of research science with the ability to identify and isolate cells with desired characteristics and is required for subsequent analysis using downstream applications such as proteomics and DNA sequencing.


For information on pricing and scheduling, email mccorestaff@isbscience.org,
|or call (206)732-1228 / -1347.

Internal Users

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