Below are the devices that were used for the Microfluidics Course:

  • Multiplexed Mixer
  • Chemical Gradiant Mixer
  • Addressable Array

Computer Control Software

Generalized Microfluidic Device Controller

The Generalized Microfluidic Device Controller (GuDC) is a flexible microfluidic use interface built using LabVIEW. It is both hardware and device design agnostic and can be used to programmatically operate any device with minimal software development. The program does this through the use of eary to generate tab-delimited text files that define:

  • Microfluidic device states
  • Scripts for programmatic execution of device states
  • Hardware configuration – e.g. the number of solenoid valves available and polarity (Normally Closed or Normally Open)
Instructions on how to operate can be found here: Generalized Microfluidic Device Controller

Download installation files here: GmuDC_20111108