Single Cell

Nanostring for Single Cell Analysis


The Nanostring nCounter is a unique, highly-automated system for quantifying large numbers of targets in complex samples without or minimal amplification. Fluorescent reporter probe sets, called CodeSets, are designed to target up to 800 different nucleic acid targets. There are pre-built codesets available as well as custom codesets. The nCounter consists of a Prep Station and a Digital Analyzer. The Prep Station is the fluid handling robot of the nCounter System. It processes samples after hybridization to prepare them for data collection on the Digital Analyzer.

The Digital Analyzer is a high-speed, four-color fluorescence imager that collects data by detecting the reporters immobilized in the sample cartridge. Images are processed internally and the data output files include the target identifier and count number along with a comprehensive tally of internal controls that produces an accurate, quantitative assay.

For the generation of single cell data, the nCounterĀ® Single Cell Gene Expression Assay is used. Twelve samples/cells are run simultaneously. Up to 800 genes can be queried with minimal amplification.

The core provides full service for the nanostring. For external users, the nCounter system is only accessable via full-service operation by the core. The purchase of the codesets and nanostring consumables is the responsibility of the researcher, to be delivered to the Single Cell Core.Ā  To do this, you will need to submit:

  • Sample Submission Options
    • 1: PreAmplified cDNA
    • 2: Live cells for C1 cell isolation and PreAmplification (additional kits required)
    • 3: Live cells for FACS cell sorting and PreAmplification (additional reagents required)
  • nCounter assay kit
  • nCounter CodeSet
  • sample set list


External Rates (per 12 samples)

mRNA: $270.00

Elements: $303.00

Nanostring nCounter Scanner

Nanostring nCounter Scanner

Nanostring nCounter Prep Station

Nanostring nCounter Prep Station