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Technology Development

ISB aims to conduct leading edge biological research using state-of-the-art technologies that are constantly under development. We are currently exploring uses for the NanoString nCounter The nCounter is a unique, highly-automated system for quantifying large numbers of targets in complex samples without amplification. Fluorescent reporter probe sets, called CodeSets, are designed to target up to 1000 different nucleic acid targets. Codesets for mRNA, microRNA, and genomic DNA (copy number) analysis are available commercially. ISB is working to develop additional assays. The Prep Station is the fluid handling robot of the nCounter System. It processes samples after hybridization to prepare them for data collection on the Digital Analyzer.

For the standard RNA analysis, samples are hybridized to nCounter reporters overnight at 65ºC. On the deck of the Prep Station, hybridized samples are purified and subsequently immobilized in the sample cartridge. All consumable components and reagents required for sample processing on the Prep Station are provided in the nCounter “Master Kit” and arrive in your lab ready to load on the deck of the robot. The Prep Station can process up to 48 samples in a 10-hour time span. The Digital Analyzer is the high-speed, four-color fluorescence imager that collects data by detecting the reporters immobilized in the sample cartridge. Images are processed internally and the data output files include the target identifier and count number along with a comprehensive tally of internal controls that produces an accurate, quantitative assay.

The small data files can be distributed using a variety of methods and are easily integrated with commonly used data analysis and visualization packages. More information: Brochure_nCounter_Analysis_System